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(Domestic U.S.)


FILM #14: REMEDIAL TEACHING (book chapter 17)

OVERVIEW: A group of junior high school students from the University of Illinois Summer Youth Music Camp are shown before and after eight days of instruction. Principles of violin fundamentals and remedial instruction are demonstrated and explained.

1. A group of young players improved greatly with eight days of remedial instruction using principles of the Project to free up their movements while bowing and to get rid of excessive tension, resulting in improved tone and technique; before and after comparisons of the big group

2. Focus on Terry’s and Debbie’s playing difficulties: (Terry) violin too much in front of his chest, rigid legs, left elbow too far to his right, violin tilted so his fingers fall at the wrong angle, tension in the shoulder and neck, stiff fingers and overly bent wrist; (Debbie) stiff upper arm, forcing her bow to move in the wrong path, head tilted too far to the right, her neck is stiff, poor bow grip, stiff thumb and fingers

3. Games and exercises given to Debbie and Terry to improve their playing form; corrections made for a variety of playing problems

4. Before and after film clips of four students summarizing their playing problems and the solutions to these problems